Artists: Selling on The Art Marketplace

Creativity exists all around the world but is most impressive in a central marketplace like this one.

It’s our mission to help artists make a living from what they love doing, and we are proud to bring this opportunity to you. You need to know some things to be successful with, so let’s dive in.

It’s easy and free to join. Unlike other marketplace solutions, we do not require you to apply for membership or charge listing fees. All artists are welcome! It takes only a minute to set up a free account. Give it a shot here. 
Our commission is 20%. We feel it is essential to be transparent and keep things simple. We take a flat 20% on all transactions. There are no minimum orders. This is below industry standard, and in exchange, we spend almost all of the revenue earned back into the marketplace. To make the dream work, we spend on search and social media, hosting, and software. 
We must work together to be successful. While we work to keep the marketplace flourishing, it’s nothing without our artists. You can do things to help make the marketplace more successful, selling more of your work in the process. Here the are:Only upload work you have the right to. Artists are rightfully very protective of their work, so please only upload unique work you have the right to sell. Make sure your listings are in the correct category. If we miss one, let us know, and we will consider adding it to our list. Give customers detailed descriptions of your work. It takes a lot of work to do what you do, so detail it out in this section. We love reading about unique artwork, and so do your future customers. Upload only high-resolution images. Today’s smartphones have a good camera, so there is no excuse for uploading poor image quality. Also, high res will be shared not only on the marketplace but our social media footprint as well. Complete your artist profile. Collectors love reading about the artist, so make sure to complete your artist bio, upload a profile picture and let us know where you’re from. Keep in mind that for privacy concerns, we do not publish full last name or exact location! Make sure to set up payment information. Customers can pay you via PayPal or bank account, so make sure to set those preferences to keep payment from being delayed.